NU Accel: Chart Your Path Forward

A six-week career intensive for job seekers, led live online by industry experts and presented by Northeastern University — Silicon Valley.

Strategize Your Job Hunt and Build Your Career

NU Accel is designed and delivered by business leaders from top companies like Salesforce and Google. This class is open to job seekers of all backgrounds, and this summer is free with registration. Join us to improve your competitiveness as a job candidate, think critically about your long-term career goals, and take steps to align your next opportunity with your ambitions.

Two people in an office
Attend class weekly for lectures and interactive coursework.
Learn core business fundamentals for professionals in all fields.
Receive guidance on your resume, job hunt, and interview skills.
Identify your career goals and craft your elevator pitch.
Achieve a certificate of completion from Northeastern.

During this six week class you’ll gain actionable insights that you can apply to your job hunt today, plus tools for planning your future trajectory. Our instructors are based at our Silicon Valley campus, at the epicenter of innovation in business and technology. They have built successful and rewarding careers in their professional fields. Each week, you’ll learn from their knowledge and experience. Together with a cohort of peers who share your drive to succeed, you’ll set achievable career goals and start the work of reaching them.

Class meetings are held virtually over Zoom.

Winter 2022 Cohort

6 weeks beginning January, 2022
Offered live online

"This class has been such a meaningful experience for me. This was what I needed to start making my dreams into actionable goals."
"For me the most important thing was the instructors who actually work in the industry, who are in the roles that I want to be one day."
"A diverse and immersive community of students and facilitators, working together to develop and grow their knowledge and skillset."

Presented by Northeastern University

Northeastern University is an internationally recognized institution known for its industry partnerships and experiential approach to research and academics.

At the end of the program, you’ll receive a certificate indicating your completion of the course that you can list on your resumé and LinkedIn profile.

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